Are You Backing Up Your Wordpress Site?

I have had two WordPress blogs hacked into in the past. That was at a time when I was doing very little internet marketing, and until I found time to address the situation (months later), these sites were penalised in the search engines. They were not removed, but the rankings were reduced.

Since scare tactics appear to be at the very least start thinking about the issue, or what compels some people to take fix wordpress malware protection a bit more seriously, allow me to shoot a couple of scare tactics your way.

This is fantastic news as it means that there is a community of users and developers that could further improve the platform. However there's a group of people attempting to achieve something, there will always be people who will try to take down them.

Keeping your WordPress site up-to-date is one of the most easy things you can do. For the past couple of versions, the ability to install updates has been included by browse this site WordPress. Not only that, but sites are notified every time a new update becomes available.

If you aren't running the latest look at this website version of WordPress, upgrade today. Like keeping your door unlocked when you leave for vacation, leaving your website is.

Do not use wp_. That default is being eliminated by web hosting providers now but if yours doesn't, fix wp_ to anything but that.

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